Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tupperware MM (Modular Mate) Rectangular

Organize your kitchen in the Tupperware way, with the MM(Modular Mates), a range of dry storage containers.

 Tupperware MM Rectangular comes in different size.

* MM Rectangular #1 – capacity – 2.1 ltr
* MM Rectangular #2 – capacity – 4.3 ltr
* MM Rectangular #3 – capacity – 6.5 ltr
* MM Rectangular #4 – capacity – 8.7 ltr

We can organize in a convenient way to get more space to keep more mates and looks stylish and elegant. The items stored inside the mates can be easily identified and stored for longer period so that the time is saved and money is saved by not spoiling the food. When MM are arranged they look neat and organized.



MM Rectangular are mainly used  for:

* Store dry food items, snacks such as wafers, biscuits and sweets like laddoos etc..
* Keep your dry fruits fresh and crisp through the season.
* Carry sand-witches and snacks to picnics.
* Can store flour, rice, dal etc....

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