Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tupperware FridgeSmart Set (Fridge Product)

FridgeSmart range has a unique venting systems to regulate the amount of air flowing through the container. this ensures fruits and vegetables have the perfect environment to stay fresh and nutritious.

There are different sizes in FridgeSmart set:

Small -- 1.1L
Medium -- 1.75L
Large -- 4.8L

Its has corrugated base which prevents moisture condensation from direct contact with fruits and vegetables to reduce spoilage. It is non-slip textured cover plus tabbed seals for easy removal.
No  need to cut vegetables and fruits to store away. just wash and store as it is.
Keeps fruits and vegetables fresh for a long period of time.
Can store large vegetables and fruits in large size FridgeSmart

FridgeSmart Chart :

Every FridgeSmart contains this chart for clear understanding of refrigeration of various fruits and vegetables.

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