Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tupperware Magic Flow Set (Oil Bottles)

Simplify your time and methods in the kitchen with these essentials from Tupperware! A wide range of Magic flows.

There are different sizes in magic flow set :

*  Mini Magic Flow
   9.2cm(D) * 13.8cm(H), Capacity-440 ml

*  Midi Magic Flow
   9.2cm(D) * 19.5cm(H), Capacity-650 ml

*  Mega Magic FLow
   9.2cm(D) * 30.3cm(H), Capacity-1.1 L

It has a small vent close to spout to ansure that exess oil split on seal and goes back into the container. Magic flow are made up of special seal with a slanted spout that lets you pour without dripping and ensures an even flow from the container.

Magic flows creates an atrractive color coordination set of oil containers for the various kinds of oil used in your cooking. Also, store and serves sauces, sharbats and sugar syrup!

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