Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tupperware Replacement Policy

The Life Time Guarantee

Tupperware proudly back its products with a life time guarantee. most Tupperware products are guaranteed to perform under domestic use for the life time of the product. the only products not covered by the life time guarantee are those few items which come under quality guarantee with the 'Q' symbol.

Tupperware products are guaranteed against chipping, cracking or breaking under non commercial use. If due to non-availability, a particular color of a part in the original product can not be provided we will provide a matching color. If we cannot find a matching color, the customer will be requested to give back all the parts of the old product and have a new products of a same design but in new color.

If dew to unavailability, a replacement product cannot be provided. Tupperware will gladly provide a comparable product in volume or full credit to the value of the last recommended retail price of that item, towards future purchase of the Tupperware products.

What is covered by Life Time Guarantee:

* Manufacturing quality issues like wrapping, stress, cracking, peeling, splitting, and any specific functional issues in normal non-commercial use covered by Life Time Guarantee.

* All the Tupperware products which are not under "Q" guarantee comes under life time guarantee.

* Melamine products are covered for a guarantee of 7 years only.

* Any exceptions to the above will clearly be intimated at the time of sale.

Replacement Cases:


* Crack through gate.
* Side wall deformation.
* Bottom crack due to stress.
* Locking issues.
* Short shot or any manufacturing defect.
* Crack at handle.
* Hinge crack.


* Loose / Tight fit.
* Peeling.
* Hinge, tranion damage.
* Bulging or caving.
* Crack at grooves.
* Crack at tab.
* Crack through side weld.

What is not covered by our life time guarantee?

* Products handling and usage issues like scratching, staining, melting on exposure to hot plate excess heat, burning , blistering in microwave application impact damage bu knocking/ hitting by hard objects, rusting, insects bite . dust mite( microorganisms presnet in the dust, non seen by naked eye etc...)

* Breakage of products due to mishandling / accident drop on floor.

* Decorative printing, scale printing, bags, straps, pouches etc.. are not covered by life time guarantee.

* Any product or part damaged are not covered by our guarantee may be purchase individually.

Non Replacement Cases:


* Staining from food material.
* Crack due to high impact. Such type of cracks may not start from the lip to gate.
* Melting by hot surface.
* Bubbles / spot marks due to over heating in microwave.
* Scale formation due to hard water usage.
* Scratches due to mishandling / usage of abrasive for washing.
* Melamine products breakage due to mishandling.


* Stickiness due to poor maintenance / cleaning.
* Seal melting due to over heating
* Cuts by sharp tools. The cuts will be very sharp and no natural breakage symptoms will be visible. Ant bite, Dust mite, Rat bite.
* Biting by children.
* Seal creep due to usage of LLDPE seal in microwave.
* Scratches due to mishandling.
* Staining from food.
* Water leakage other than round classic seal with outer fitting.

The Quality Guarantee --- "Q" Guarantee:

* A few Tupperware products products are under "Q" guarantee. As these products are not intended for life time use they do not carry the life time guarantee. how ever they are still guaranteed by Tupperware to be free of manufacturing defects and will be replaced , if defective , completely free of charge, provided they are returned with order receipt immediately.

* Current products under this category are vegetable peeler, ice cream scoop, knives, lunch and kit bags, water dispenser tap, spice shaker stand etc..

* Products with "Q" Guarantee will be clearly indicated at the time of sale, through catalog, leaflet or flyer.

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