Monday, July 18, 2011

Tupperware Super Store Canister

Tupperware Super Store Canisters comes in different size.

Small  -- Capacity -- 2.5 ltr
Medium -- Capacity -- 3.6 ltr
Large  -- Capacity -- 5.0 ltr


It is made up of classic round seal there by making it airtight and liquid tight and has textured surface making it non slippery. The items stored inside the canister can be easily identified and stored for longer period so that the time is saved and money is saved by not spoiling the food. It saves space due to easy stack ability. It has a tab for easy opening.

Super Store Canister are mailnly used for:

* Store idili and dosa batter for later use.
* Keep nuts- almonds, pistachios, cashew nuts fresh right through the season.
* Biscuits, cookies, chips and snacks stay fresh and can be stored.
* Prepare and store mithai, besan(gram flour), laddoos or sandesh for yourself, or gift them
   to your friends or relatives.
* Roasted or fried papads and snacks stay fresh and can be stored for a longer time.
* Excellent for fruits salads and cut watermelons, fruits stay fresh and juice in refrigerator.

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