Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Instructions for use in Microwave for Tupperware Products

By choosing microwave reheat-able food containers which can save your valuable time. Food cooked in advance can be stored in refrigerator in microwave products, ready to reheat in Microwave and serve, all in the same container. The unique venting cap on the seal of the bowl releases steam and the seal will prevent splashing in the microwave.

For your satisfaction and safety, there are few precautions:
  • Microwave reheat-able products are safe for food temperature 0°C to 120°C.
  • Pop open the little steam vent before placing the sealed bowl in microwave to prevent steam build up (In case of crystal series). Keep the cover in other cases. Do not use airtight / water tight seals while reheating in microwave.
  • After removing crystal wave container from the microwave, keep the steam vent open for some time before closing it.
  • Always lift off the seal or cover away from you so that steam dose not burn your fingers.
  • reheat cooked food from the refrigerator or room temperature, but not from the freezer.
  • Thawing frozen food inthe microwave can cause damage to the container.
  • Do not attemt to cook in the microwave reheatable products in the microwave and do not put food on the seals or cover to reheat.
  • Do not leave the microwave unattended as spots from the food splashes can overheat and cause blisteres.
  • Constant stirring food will help in uniform heating of food and avoid localized overheating of food , and will avoid blisters on products.
  • Reheating of food with high oil, fat and sugar content will lead to overheating of food in very short time, leding to blisters on product.
  • Always rinse the containers in cold water immediately after use to prevent strong smells or stains.
  • Staining is not covered under Tupperware Guarantee.
  • Microwave reheatable products are designed for storing inrefrigerator and should not be used in freezer, as they become brittle and could break.
  • Dot not use the product in the conventional oven or grill.
In crystal wave products steam vent is an integral part of the seal so do not twist the hinge or try to remove as this could cause breakage.
All Microwave reheat-able products have same Quality Guarantee as all Tupperware products.

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