Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tupperware Aquasafe Water Dispenser - Round

Capacity: 9 L, 30.0cm(D) * 30.0cm(H) 

9 litre capacity is ideal for a family’s consumption or for outdoor activities.
AquaSafe Round water Dispenser is air and liquid-tight seal which keeps water clean, safe and free from contamination. The base, made of strong, thick material, does not become dented or go out of shape even when the container is full.
Its vent cap prevents “vacuum effect” when dispensing water, allowing air to enter for a steady flow of liquid.
Round water dispenser has ringed handle which makes easy carrying and spreads the weight evenly to the base. Its leak-proof translucent window allows you to see when contents is low. It has a tap for easy opening and closing. It can be detached for easy cleaning.

AquaSafe Round Water Dispenser can be used for... 

 To carry water/soft drink/juices/lassi/cold coffee without any worry as it is spill proof.
 To store water and other liquids and keep it in refrigerators in summers.
 Use it as an outdoor water carrier for office, or picnics.

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