Monday, August 8, 2011

Tupperware Freezer Mate (Tupperware Freezer Product)

There are different sizes in freezer mates....

Mini -- 300 ml
Small -- 700 ml
Large -- 1.5 L
Flat medium -- 650 ml
Flat Large -- 1.3 L

Freezing Tips :

Freezer should be set at -18 degree C or below.
Always start with the freshest food. Freeze immediately after purchase.
A full freezer runs more efficiently than one that is partially full
Keep food safety in mind : always thaw food in the refrigerator, not on the kitchen counter top.
Freezer mate containers are intended for freezing fresh, raw food or for storing frozen food.

It is faster more efficient freezing and defrosting due to the exclusive six- sided air flow and saves space in the freezer. It is famous Tupperware air-tight seal with tab for easy removal and freshness and have classic sheer material and polished windows help to identify the contents easily.
It also have round corners and a recessed bottom allow air flow around and between stacked containers.
Modular design in varying heights and flat top seal allow neat stacking, leaving no unused space and assures freshness.
Prevents formation of ice-crystals around the food, thereby retaining their color and texture for longer period of time

Freezer Mates are mainly used for  :

Store smileys, peas, corns etc... This makes them handy to use.

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