Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tupperware Executive Lunch ( Tupperware Lunch Box )

Everyone loves their food fresh. Pack a Complete Balanced meal consisting of carbohydrates(roti, rice and bread), proteins(dal,Kadi and soya), fat, fiber with vitamins and minerals(salads, fruits) as well as water content(lassi, buttermilk) in our exciting range of Lunch 'n' Outdoor containers and see the difference in your health. Have your lunch as fresh as it was when you packed it.

Executive Lunch Set consists of 2 Large Bowl and 2 Small Bowl. Four bowls allow you to pack a complete lunch.
Small Bowl – 11.6 cm (D) x 3.4 cm (H), capacity – 180 ml
Large Bowl – 11.6 cm (D) x 8.0 cm (H), capacity – 450 ml

It has a classic round seal which makes it air tight as well as liquid tight and prevents spillage of curries.
It’s sheer base helps in identifying contents easily.
It is stackable thus saves space.
Its Smart Bag separate your cool and warm food in separate compartments. Four Bowls with compartments allows you to pack a complete lunch.

Can be Used for...
Two deep bowls and two flat bowls allow you to pack a complete lunch with a healthy variety.
Carry salad and vegetables in the small bowls and curry, rice, rotis and curd in the larger bowls.
Carry vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes separately.
Carry your cool and warm food in separate compartments as per their requirement.

Avail this Tupperware Executive Lunch Box offer and eat fresh home cooked food everyday.

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