Friday, September 16, 2011

Tupperware MultiKeeper (24 KG)

Tupperware brings to you complete storage solutions for your Kitchen. From cabinet seize Modular Mates to the bulk storage range for rice, flour, etc. keeping them fresh and infestation free.

Capacity:  41.7 cm (L) x 22.9 cm (W) x 39.0 cm (H), capacity – 24 L

 Air tight seal which locks in freshness for long time. Ideal for bulk storage.
Breakage resistance material minimises breakage

Used For...
To store your Atta, Rice and Wheat in bulk

No more tension of having insects, pests or rodents infesting the stored grains
Protects contents stored from moulding and getting stale
Easily stack able
It can hold 20 Kg rice

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