Monday, September 26, 2011

Tupperware One Touch Canisters

Back in 1949, Tupperware designed a landmark product with thin flexible walls and came with its famous, patented virtually air tight seal.

Today, these innovative features are found in one touch Canister or Toppers. with arrows pointing to the center of the seal, just one press of the finger is all that is needed to seal it.

One Touch Canister and Toppers are easy to use, airtight and hard wearing, making them the obvious choice for storing frequently - used foodstuff.

Comes in 3 size:
Junior – 13.1 cm (D) x 15.5 cm (H), capacity – 1.3 ltr
Small – 15.1 cm (D) x 17.4 cm (H), capacity – 2.1 ltr
Large – 19.1 cm (D) x 21.2 cm (H), capacity – 4.4.ltr

Ideal for dry foods. To open, just press down at the centre and lift the lid. To close, press down at the centre. The seal extends over the edge of the canister to allow you to easily hold and peel off.
Toppers can be stacked neatly on top of the canisters of the same diameter to minimize storage space.

Can be used for...
To store Dals, Rice, Sugar as well as your snacks and cookies.

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