Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tupperware Prism Bowls

Tupperware's Prisms line of bowls have the look of real crystal, but are in fact Tupperware bowls that offer many of the same benefits that their other bowls do.

When sitting on the dinner table, they have a look that will accent any table setting, and at the same time they have a functionality that the host or hostess will be relieved to have when the dinner is over. Despite their look, these bowls with a fine dining appearance are still able to be sealed with a Tupperware lid and then placed in the refrigerator so that the food can be used at a later time.
Inspired sophistication that dazzles the eye. Virtually unbreakable. Can be used to store a wide range of foods!
Bowls include virtually airtight and liquid-tight seals to enable food storage at both room temperature and in the fridge.
Tupperware Ice Prism Bowls come with Tupperware's lifetime warranty.

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