Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tupperware Tiwi Munch Lunch Set (For Kids)

Tiwi Munch Lunch Set consistes of 1 Rainbow Tumbler and  1 Tiwi Sandwich keeper which allows you to pack a complete snack for your child.
Tiwi Munch Bag is a bright and smart back-pack, ideal size for a child to carry to school along with the books.

Tiwi Sandwich Keeper – capacity – 300 ml, 13.9 cm (L) x 13.2 cm (W) x 5.2 cm (H),
Tiwi Tumbler – capacity – 340 ml, 7.5 cm (D) x 4.9 cm (H),

Tiwi Tumblers : 
Capacity – 340 ml, 7.5 cm (D) x 14.9 cm (H).

In bright colours suitable for all age groups. Air-tight and liquid-tight seal. Convenient size for perfect grip to hold in hand.

Tiwi Sandwitch Keeper :
Capacity – 300 ml, 13.9 cm (L) x 13.2 cm (W) x 5.2 cm (H).

One piece container means no seal to keep track of, or to get lost. Hinged over is easy to open with one hand. Holds an average size sandwich or snacks. Fits comfortably into backpacks, briefcases and some purses.

Usage Ideas :

* Kids with the bright and colorful Tiwi Munch, look forward to their lunch break everyday.
* Pack juices in the liquid tight tumbler and a fruit in addition to a snack, all neathly fitting in the Tiwi Munch     Bag
* Give your child nutritious and refreshing fruit juices squashes or lassi in the Rainbow Tumbler
* Your child will love the taste of sandwiches, noodles, rice or chappathi rools, kept fresh and soft in the Tiwi Sandwich Keeper
* You will find enough space in the bag for your child books, note books and pencil box along with the Rainbow Tumbler and Tiwi Sandwich Keeper

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