Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tupperware Divided Dish

Tupperware Divided Dish is a lunch box with three compartments, which keeps food neatly separated. Includes one 6-oz section and two 21/4-oz sections. The 3 separate compartments in the dish makes it possible to serve three of your kids favorite snacks or dishes for lunch or snacking.

Capacity – 350 ml, 16.65 cm (D) x 3.61 cm (H)

A convenient size, it can be accommodated in any hand bag or school bag
Includes one divided dish and one seal.

Ideal for your little one, a smart product designed especially for todays smart mothers to meet all the needs of your kid.
Ideal for storing and serving baby food and kids snacks/tiffin prepared in advance.
Ideal for also giving packed favourite lunch or snack for your kid to take to school or outing.

Virtually liquid-tight seal offers superior storage and makes it easy to transport foods.
The seal is air-tight, keeping food fresh and hygienic for a long time
Recommended for children 6 months and above.

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