Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tupperware SS Bowl

Refrigerator product, stackable space savers, ideal for storing fruits, cut vegetables, and mixed dough. What’s more, food remains odorless in these perfect storage containers.
In a convenient size for all refrigerators, the SS Bowls have a classic airtight and liquid tight seal which keeps food fresh and conserves its flavours.

Small – 19.2 cm (D) x 6.0 cm (H), capacity – 2 ltr.
Medium- 19.2 cm (D) x 8.8 cm (H), capacity – 1.5 ltr.

Each bowl has the Tupperware Classic Round Seal, which is airtight and liquid tight. This locks in the freshness and flavour and protect the texture of foods.
Comes in two convenient sizes for storage and serving.

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  1. please give the price of the ss bowl.

  2. Hi alamu
    SS Bowl Capacity 1.5 L and 2 L( Set of 2)-- 600 Rs

  3. i also want the price of cool'n' fresh large and cool'n' fresh flat.