Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tupperware Legacy Table Set

Legacy Table Set consists of two different types legacy products.

Legacy Condimate Set
Legacy Spice Tower Set

Legacy Condimate Set :
Classic canisters with virtually air-tight seals that preserve the freshness and flavor of staples.
Not microwaveable.

Capacity: 300 mL / per bowl
Dimensions: 17 cm L x 16 cm H (Carrying Base)
                   9.8 cm D x 9 cm H (Bowl)

Legacy Spice Tower Set :
Spice Tower Set  is a Very Nice Set of 2 Vintage Tupperware Spice Keepers
2 Stacking Harvest Color Containers with 1 Lid

Spice containers that keep spices fresh help ensure that your recipes taste the way they should. Modularly designed to fit your cupboard or carousel, Spice Containers are functional containers that look great, too.

Keep spices, candies, sprinkles and more in these incredibly versatile little containers. They're also great for taking along with you in a packed lunch, tackle box, sewing kit or backpack.

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