Monday, December 5, 2011

Tupperware Rock 'n' Serve

Utilize the latest kitchen products to cook elegantly and effortlessly. Now buy Tupperware Rock 'n' Serve Microwave Safe.

This Rock N Serve is virtually unbreakable and can withstand extreme temperatures, Making it suitable for the freezer, refrigerator and the microwave. This saves you valuable time with the washing up, as you can utilise the same container through freezing, thawing and reheating.
The seal has a unique liquid-tight flexible venting valve. simply pull the convenient tab to open before reheating food, To close, just push it down. The seal also prevents splatters, keeping your microwave clean. The flexible valve can be easily removed for efficient cleaning.
The generous textured handles on the base make it easy and safe to remove the container from the microwave, and the transparent material of the container allows you to view contents at a glance and monitor the reheating process.

Rock 'n' Serve Capacity :
600 ml – 16.0 cm (D) x 18.6 cm (L) x 6.7 cm (H)
800 ml - 16.0 cm (D) x 18.6 cm (L) x 7.9 cm (H)

Features & Benefits
You can prepare food ahead of time, doubling your recipes and store in Rock ‘n’ Serve containers and freeze. It’s special materials makes it a product which can be used for freezing, reheating and serving. See through containers shows contents clearly. With steam vent to release or seal in steam as required. Tab on seal to open easily. Large, comfortable handles for ease of holding which stay cool when serving. Feet at the bottom of the container, allow for optimum air circulation.

Usage Ideas
Serve hot vegetables, soups, curries or reheat packaged food in a bag.
Rock n Serve is a great solution for everyone!

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