Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tupperware Store All Canister

Tupperware Store All Canister :
Small – 11.5cm (D) x 9.0cm (H), capacity – 600ml
Medium – 14.9cm (D) x 10.5cm (H), capacity – 1.2ltr
Large – 16.6cm (D) x 12.2cm (H), capacity – 1.8ltr

Features & Benefits
It has a classic round seal thereby making it airtight and liquid tight.
It has a tab for ease of opening.
It saves space due to easy stackability.

The classic round seal makes the product Liquid tight and air tight thereby preventing contamination of food stored. The canisters are easily stackable one over the other and hence helps in saving space. Can be used to store anything like the name suggests - It is a STORE ALL CANISTER - a Multipurpose product that allows you to store your dry cookies, chips or fried items as well as your cut vegetables, onion etc in the refrigerator. Being air tight, it prevents the smell of the food item stored in it and hence very good and useful for storing cut vegetables, onion etc preventing the smell

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To order the product or to join as a Tupperware consultant send an email to shwetha.goudar@gmail.com

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