Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tupperware Clear Bowl Set

The bowls are ideally used for serving, reheating, carrying and can be used for refrigeration.

There are different sizes in Clear bowl set ...

Small – 11.6cm (D) x 5.3cm (H), capacity – 290 ml
Medium – 14.6cm (D) x 6.3cm (H), capacity – 610 ml
Large – 16.7cm (D) x 7.3cm (H), capacity – 990 ml

Features & benefits
These bowls are clear and glass like but virtually unbreakable as these are made up of polycarbonate.
Come in three convenient sizes.
Microwave friendly (only for reheating) but without seal.
Come with a reliable Tupperware seal that keeps the freshness in and prevents spills and leakages (liquid tight seals)
Clear containers allows for easy check of contents at a glance.
Easy to store as all containers and seals nest snugly into each other.

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