Monday, October 15, 2012

Tupperware Classic Lunch Set

Everyone loves their food fresh. Pack a Complete Balanced meal consisting of carbohydrates(roti, rice and bread), proteins(dal,Kadi and soya), fat, fiber with vitamins and minerals(salads, fruits) as well as water content(lassi, buttermilk) in our exciting range of Lunch 'n' Outdoor containers and see the difference in your health. Have your lunch as fresh as it was when you packed it.

Classic Lunch Set consists of 1 Tropical cup and 1 Large Handy Bow. Two bowls allow you to pack a complete lunch.

Tropical Cup :--Capacity -- 230ml--- 10.0cm(D) * 5.1cm(H)
Large Handy Bowl :-- Capacity -- 500ml -- 16.6cm(D) * 4.5cm(H)

Its an ideal lunch bag for kids and adults to carry small quantities  All can carry curd / vegetables/ samber/idili/dal in tropical cup and rice/chapathi/paratha/dosa/idili in large handy bowl.

Features And Benefits
Classic round seal is air tight as well as liquid tight
Sheer base helps in identifying contents easily

These sets are widely used to keep the food items in a safe manner. Due to their numerous benefits, these sets are extensively utilized by students, factory workers, travelers.
Salient features of the products are:
Spacious, Lightweight, Compact size, Durable finish standards

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