Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tupperware TupperSure Filter

 TupperSure : The WATER the way it should be… !!!

Tupperware brings to you TupperSure, a revolutionary water filter system. Developed after comprehensive research, this is the water
filter system you and your family can trust. Made of food grade virgin plastic, TupperSure comes with the Tupperware promise of 
freshness and hygiene.

TupperSure Advantage:
Auto ShutOff:
Auto ShutOff always ensures water is always filtered in the right way and the health of your family is never compromised.

Unique Bio Film Control:
Tuppersure uses Bromine technology which uses residual amount of bromine to inhabit the growth of BioFilm inside its surface.

Tupersure is India’s first gravity-fed unit certified for reducing bacteria and viruses by WQA USA.
Tuppersure, like other Tupperware products, comes with a life time guarantee on its plastic components.

Key Benefits:
Ø  No need of running water
Ø  Runs without electricity
Ø  No need to boil water
Ø  Cartridge auto shutoff and unique replacement indicator ensures water is always filtered.
Ø  Eliminates 99.9999 % of Bacteria and 99.99% viruses.
Ø  Good flow rate.
Ø  Removes large particles and reduces turbidity of the incoming water.
Ø  Improves taste and odour of water.
Ø  Residual Bromine present in the filtered water(Safe levels) reduces the build up of BioFilm in the dispenser. Thus ensuring you get safe water even when stored.
Ø  Highest quality food grade plastics.
Ø  Life time guarantee on Tupperware plastic components.
Ø  The lower chamber can be used as a stand alone dispenser.
Ø  Unique design with compact footprint.
Ø  Tupersure is India’s first gravity-fed unit certified for reducing bacteria and viruses by WQA USA – words foremost authority of water purification certification.
Ø  Easy to install and maintenance free.

Discover TupperSure

The Rocker valve controls the air flow into the unit. It can be used as a child safety lock when the product is used as a standalone dispenser.
The dispenser seal ensures that the water is saved from harmful contaminants and provide convenient refilling.

Water first flows through the non-woven pre-filter which reduces visible contaminants in the inlet water and provides clear water.

The effective and high performance cartridge combined with the unique pre-filtert provides clean water at the point of use and eliminates 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.99% viruses. It comes with the unique replacement indicator which ensures filtered drinking water till the last drop.

The upper chamber can store upto 8 ltrs of unfiltered water.
The water finally collects in the lower chamber, which can also be used as a stand- alone dispenser. The faucet dispenser filtered that ensures your family’s good health.


3-Step purification process of TupperSure

Step 1
The upper chamber can be filled with up to 8 Ltrs. of unfiltered water. Water first flows through the non-woven pre-filter which reduces visible contaminants in the inflowing water and provides clear water.

Step 2
Water then runs through the first chamber of the cartridge which contains granulated carbon. This reduces chlorine taste and odour from the water.

Step 3
Water finally runs through the second chamber of the cartridge which contains TupperSure filter media. This reduces bacteria and viruses in the water that cause waterborne diseases like diarrhoea, dysentery, cholera, etc.

Auto ShutOff:

Your health, never compromised
TupperSure’s cartridge comes with a unique replacement indicator ensuring water does not flow, once the cartridge has expired and its ability to remove bacteria & viruses is lost. Thus providing safe and filtered drinking water to your family till the last drop.

TupperSure Replacement Kit
Replacement kit contains cartridge and non-woven filter. You can place an order
for the kit by calling the toll-free number.

TupperSure like all other Tupperware products are sold through our distributors. Click here to find your nearest
distributor or call our toll free number at 1800-1 03-6678 to know more.

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