Thursday, February 25, 2016

Tupperware Inspire Series

The world is moving to low-fat, " water-less" cooking with its promise of a healthier, more vibrant and attractive you! So why not enjoy a better quality of life, active and spirited with inspire Cookware.

Learn just how to perfectly preserve food's natural flavors and nutrients and serve wholesome, great tasting meals!.

Inspire Casserole(3.7 L) -- Retains natural flavor.
Inspire Fry Pan(21 Cm) -- Reduces intake of fat and calories, as minimal or no oil is used.
Inspire sauce Pan(2.8 L) -- Designed ideally for water-less cooking 

cooking, foods use their own juices to cook thereby preserving most of its naturally present nutrients. What more, you get tastier meals as natural flavors are not diluted by added water.

Grease-less cooking
Imagine the joy of cooking meat in its own natural fat. By adding little or absolutely no oil to the pan, you can still stir-fry, sear or grill any meat to perfection. What a delightful way to enjoy healthier, more flavorful and nutritious meals.

A better way to cook
* Water-less cooking allows food to cook in its own juices
* Retains up to 98%* of food's natural vitamins, minerals and othermicronutrients (regular cookware only retains 58% nutrients)
* Retains food's natural color and flavor
* Reduces intake of fat and calories as less or no oil is used

Stylish, innovation and quality
1. Stack to save space
Make stacking all vessels together easier by storing all lids one over the other.

2. Valve
Close valve to allow food to cook the water-less way or open valve for traditional cooking.

3. Bakelite handle
Easy grip Bakelite handle stays cool throughout the cooking process.

4. Moisture-lock glass lid
Special seal, valve and rim lock in moisture to ensure food cooks in its natural juices.

5. Vessel
Full 3-ply stainless steel on wok base and vessel.

6. Synchro-heat base
Encapsulated flat base with magnetic stainless steel distributes heat evenly and efficiently. Solid flat base does not warp or deform.

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